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Sunday 10 March 2013

Few days ago I registered for this blog. Initially I thought that I will just update name server and site will be ready to go but I was so wrong ... Anyway lets check this out.

One more thing, now a days offering very cheap domain registration specially if you live in India. Just google "buy cheap domain" and you will find one or more ads that is offering a .com in just 109 INR.

Well I booked my domain with so I will share story about it.

First search and register a domain from As you login you will find a button  My Account on the top left side of the screen, click on it.

Click on products tab then click on launch under domains.

Now click on the domain you want to attach with

Now click on DNS Manager.

Now click on Edit Zone under your domain name.

Now lets first edit A(host). Delete existing settings(see in the image below)

Now click on Quick Add to add new fields and fill these data
Host                                           Point to

Now lets jump back to blogger to set your domain. As you save you will find an error with a message that "put these lines under your CNAME" or something like that.

Host                                           Point to

                                                                               (something like this)

Now edit CNAME(Alias) on

Host                                           Point to
ol7es4...                          like this)

I hope this tutorial will help you, thanks for reading this tutorial.

Now some troubleshoot: how to redirect non www domain to proper www TLD domain. e.g. to but in the next tutorial.

Posted by Atul


  1. very nice tuts dear i like it i have use it its working , :) thanks for sharing this with us. cheap web development

    1. Thank you, I hope other tutorials will not disappoint you.

  2. nice explanation...
    thanx for sharing this post...


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